First Visit: New patients are asked to arrive 10-15 minutes before their scheduled appointment to fill out our new patient paperwork, or to use our link to print and fill out some of these forms ahead of time. After the paperwork is completed to the best of your ability, you will consult with the doctor who will take a detailed history of your condition(s). Then an examination will be performed which may include vitals, an orthopedic and neurologic examination, as well as functional exams to get a complete picture of your condition. Once all of the findings have been gathered and analyzed, the doctor will discuss her findings with you. At this point she will discuss your diagnosis, treatment options and treatment plan with you and welcome any and all questions you may have at this time. After a plan has been agreed upon by both the doctor and the patient, care will be provided. Please allow one hour for this visit and dress in comfortable clothing that allows for freedom of movement.

Return Visit: Future visits will be approximately 15 to 30 minutes long depending on your condition. Again, it is recommended to dress in comfortable clothing as you may be moving around as part of your treatment. Re-evaluation of your condition will also be performed periodically to track your progress and evaluate how you are progressing on your road to recovery and health. This also helps the doctor to monitor pain levels, functional capacity and other indicators of improvement.