Animal Chiropractic Care

Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Technique (Animal Chiropractic medicine) is an individualized, hands on type of patient care that specializes in neuromuscular skeletal issues experienced by many animals. These issues include such behaviors as limping,whimpering or whining for no apparent reason, wincing when touched in certain areas and unwillingness to participate in normal activity. The focus of animal chiropractic medicine is on fostering the animal’s healing through gentle and precise manual manipulation to the spine and/or extremities. The techniques used in animal chiropractic care allow for the return to optimal movement and function in all areas of the body. Coupling animal chiropractic medicine with other healing modalities such as soft tissue work, cold laser, and rehabilitation exercises enhances the healing process and expedites pain relief. Patients’ owners are then guided towards helping to prevent further/future injury so their furry family members can return to living a happy, healthy life. 

  • VETERINARY spinal Manipulation (Spine and Extremity - Diversified Techniques)

    • Chiropractic manipulation involves a hands on evaluation of the spine and/or extremities in order to locate where restriction and tension are present. The doctor then determines where to perform a gentle and precise manipulation or adjustment to allow for the return to a fuller range of motion and relief from pain and tension.

  • Soft Tissue

    • Some benefits of soft tissue work include: increased circulation, reduced swelling, reduced hypertonic muscles, pain relief, and relaxation. Owners have also noticed return of normal behavior as a result of reduced muscle pain and spasms, an increased range of motion and flexibility as well as an enhanced overall feeling of well-being for their pets. 

  • Cold Laser

    •  Cold Laser Therapy involves a small hand held unit that emits low level laser light waves that can penetrate the skin to stimulate cellular metabolism, causing anti-inflammatory effects. This allows the cells of the body to restore balance, energy, nutrients and oxygen to sick cells, which helps to promote natural healing and pain relief. There is no heat generated or discomfort associated with this therapy. Cold Laser Therapy is wonderful for both acute and chronic conditions including strains and sprains, soft tissue injuries, arthritis, burns, TMJ conditions, and other sources of chronic pain. 

  • Rehabilitation

    • Rehabilitation is tailored to each patient’s specific condition and fitness level. This individualized approach focuses on helping enhance and improve weak links causing neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction, which may be the underlying cause of pain and symptoms like limping, whining, wincing when touched or atypical disinterest in playtime. These weak links are discovered through functional movement assessments and alleviated by breaking down the movement patterns and focusing on strengthening each muscle group individually. Whether your pet is a couch potato, an avid walker, an adventurous hiker, or a competitive show dog/horse, animal chiropractic care provides you and your pets with tools and exercises tailored to improve how they go about completing tasks, participating in healthy playtime, and reaching their health and fitness goals comfortably.